Practycal™ 3-In-1 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Practycal™ 3-In-1 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Practycal™ 3-In-1 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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This robot does it all; it vacuums, mops, and sweeps with smart technology to make life easier.

Arguably the best way to keep floors clean, all the time. Notice the difference with its powerful suction, HEPA filter, low noise, and automic cleaning.

3 in 1 Cleaning

Built with dual roller brushes, positioned low to the floor to sweep dust, crumbs, pet hair and debris into the suction nozzle vacuum. Allow your Robotic Floor Cleaner to finish the job off with a good mop! Simply soak the included cotton absorbent rag in a cleaning solution of your choice. Then, simply mount it to the bottom.

Diligent AI

Guided by BowAI technology, this device detects edges to prevent falls and changes directions when an obstacle is encountered.

Low Operating Noise

Enjoy automated cleaning without the headache of obnoxiously loud vacuums. This hardware emits an operating noise of only 40 dB!


  • Includes: Smart Robot Vacuum, Charging Cable, (2) Side brushes, Reusable Mopping Cloth, Lithium Battery, Screwdriver, Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 120 Minutes of Run Time
  • Charges in 150 Minutes
  • Battery 3.7v, 1200mah
  • Weight 1.3lb/600g

Update: Due to our holiday sale, we are officially running low on our Robot Vacuum Cleaners, please place your order while supplies last.

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